Ivar Slotboom

Low level C++ network programmer


Here you will find my work I'm extremely proud of. These pieces have been sorted by date so you will see the most recent work from left to right.

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Competition drives me, relaxation inspires me.

Code samples

Here is an example of how I manage data streams ((de)serialization) for networking and/or savegames (13th of January, 2016):
Code example - Data Stream
Take a look at the DataStream class, DataStreamWriter, DataStreamReader and its implementation (opens a new tab).

Server NPC management of the Online Multiplayer mod of Skyrim (25th of August, 2016):
Code example - Npc Management
Click to view all of the .cpp file (opens a new tab).

GitHub repository for Reliable UDP (10th of December, 2016):
Reliable UDP - GitHub Repository
Click to view the GitHub repository (opens a new tab).

About Me

I have been making games since I was 12 with a great passion. From shooters to real-time strategy games to networking libraries.
My goal is to develop in a big city like New York and Montreal. Maybe you can be the one to help me out?


I am most experienced with C++ with its STL library. After that comes general experience with C# (mainly with Unity3D Engine), Lua (used with Leadwerks3D Engine) and Python (for writing tools). I used to work a little bit with Actionscript 3 until 2014.


I finished the Game Developer education on the Vocational College of Graphic Design in Utrecht (MBO-4) in 2015. I got accepted at NHTV University of Applied Sciences in Breda for Game Programming (awarded the best one in the Netherlands) and received my propedeuse in one go. Currently still studying at NHTV and expected graduation year is 2018 where I will be 24 years old.

Game Engines

When starting to develop games, I used Game Maker for a few years and eventually picked up Leadwerks3D to practice my C++ skills. I have used Flash's Actionscript 3 for a while during my vocational college. Nowadays I either work on either pre-existing engines such as Unity3D, Leadwerks3D and Unreal or work on a custom made engine written in C++ with other people.


I am experienced with the RakNet and ENet libraries for networking (C++). Wrote my own networking library to find out what's going on behind the scenes. Along with C++ I also have experience with STL.