Ivar Slotboom

Low level C++ network programmer


Here you will find my work I'm extremely proud of. These pieces have been sorted by date so you will see the most recent work from left to right.

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I strive to achieve the best.

Code samples

Here is an example of how I manage data streams ((de)serialization) for networking and/or savegames (13th of January, 2016):
Code example - Data Stream
Take a look at the DataStream class, DataStreamWriter, DataStreamReader and its implementation (opens a new tab).

Server NPC management of the Online Multiplayer mod of Skyrim (25th of August, 2016):
Code example - Npc Management
Click to view all of the .cpp file (opens a new tab).

GitHub repository for Reliable UDP (10th of December, 2016):
Reliable UDP - GitHub Repository
Click to view the GitHub repository (opens a new tab).

About Me

I have been making games since I was 12 with a great passion. From shooters to real-time strategy games to networking libraries.
My goal is to further enhance my networking skills by developing on a game that is marketable.

To get to know me even more, you can download my resume here.

Programming skills

Main language is C / C++. Also experienced with C# and Lua. Utilizing Python for automated tasks like I have shown in EvayrNet. Favorite code editor is the latest Visual Studio using Visual Assist. Experienced with source control using Git, Perforce and Tortoise SVN. I am a big fan of having code reviews and having a strong communicative development pipeline.


Currently enrolled at NHTV (University of Applied Sciences) in Breda, the Netherlands, studying International Game Architecture and Design. Specializing as network programmer. Previously graduated from Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht (vocational college) as Game Developer. Taking online courses such as Network Hacking and Reverse Engineering to further enhance my knowledge.

Game Engines

Started off with GameMaker, but now very experienced with Unity3D, Leadwerks, Unreal Engine 4 and the Skyrim Creation Kit. Helped with the development of custom frameworks such as Project Primitive, Skyrim Together and Hyphen Engine.


Mostly experienced with the Standard Template Library for C++. As for networking, I am experienced with RakNet, ENet, Boost.Asio and WinSock. Made my own networking API called EvayrNet (C++).