Ivar Slotboom

C++ Gameplay and Networking Enthusiast


Here you will find my work I'm extremely proud of. These pieces have been sorted by date so you will see the most recent work from left to right.

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Competition drives me, relaxing inspires me.

Code samples

Here is an example of how I made the unit management in Grievous Grounds:

Code example - Gameplay
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For networking, I am using RakNet as networking engine to get everything (net)working.
Here is an example how I manage the packets:

Code example - Networking
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About Me

I have been making games since I was 12 with great passion. Competition drives me, relaxing inspires me.
I am a huge fan of big cities like New York and London as you might've noticed. My dream is to develop games in a big city like one of those.


My hobbies are playing soccer, listening to music, playing competitive games and creating them. My favorite games are League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. As for soccer, I used to be a goalkeeper until I quit. Nowadays I just like to play soccer with friends.


I just finished the Game Developer education on the Vocational College of Graphic Design in Utrecht (MBO-4). Right now I'm waiting for the NHTV in Breda to make a selection who can join their education and who not. If I'm one of the 200 lucky ones, I will be following their education course to become a successful and specialized Game Programmer.

Leadwerks3D and C++

I used to use Game Maker to make several 2D and 3D games. After a few years I got fed up with the limitations of Game Maker and found out about the Leadwerks Engine via a friend. I figured I should give it a try because it has C++ support. This way I started to learn C++ and become a better game developer in general. Leadwerks has helped me with developing a lot of games like Ravage Online and Grievous Grounds.

My dream

My dream is to become either a Gameplay or Network Programmer. I don't really care whether it's in a AAA company or a company of my own, as long as it's in a big city in a foreign country (like the United Stats of America). After my 4 year education I'll have a clearer look of what is possible. Competition drives me, relaxing inspires me.